Friday, July 15, 2011

Instructions for buying pottery for Josh and Erin

Hello friends and family of Josh and Erin!

I am so pleased to be making this pottery for their new life together! It is always a dream for any potter to find people that love what you do, and knowing how much these guys appreciate my work makes it a dream come true. So lets see if we can all get together and put some of these fine functional art objects into their hands and into their home!

The instructions for you purchasing an item are that the first person to stake their claim in the comments section for each item has dibs on that item. As I receive your expressed interest I will mark items as either "sale pending" or "sold". So it should be fairly straight forward to see whether an item is still up for grabs.

How you actually purchase an item can be done in several ways. For folks from out of town You can send a check or money order to my address at:

Carter Gillies
572 Nantahala Ave
Athens Ga, 30601

If this won't work for some of you who have paypal accounts I can list the item or items on my etsy shop as "reserved for (you)" and you can make the transaction that way.

If you are an Athens area local who wants to get something for these guys you can arrange to stop on over the studio and pay in person. You may call me at (706) 546-7235 or email me at

 Josh has suggested that since so many of you folks are from out of town all the pots be left at my studio "unless someone is really desperate to come pick them up". This way they can just pick them all up at once after the event. If you would like to make different arrangements I will try to work with you, but you are always welcome to stop by the studio and check on the progress. Hope that works for folks!

If there are any questions feel free to contact me.


         Carter Gillies

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